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The movie opens on an awards banquet, where Eve Harrington is accepting a prestigious award for her theatrical work. As we watch the ceremony, the movie fades into a flashback...

Eve is a woman who is down on her luck, and has a fanatical devotion to Margo Channing, a famous Broadway performer. After seeing her waiting outside the theatre every night for 6 weeks, Margo's friend Karen takes pity on Eve, and brings her in to be introduced to Margo. Amazingly, Eve and Margo hit it off, and Margo employs Eve as her assistant. Eve is kind, attentive, and wonderful, and we soon discover Eve is a more talented actress than anyone could have ever guessed...

Unfortunately, without giving away the entire movie, that's about all the plot I can mention.

The central cast in this film is fantastic. Eve is played charmingly and perfectly by Anne Baxter, and Margo, the aging actress who is starting to feel that her career is over is played fantastically by Bette Davis. George Sanders, playing Addison DeWitt, a well-regarded film critic, is wonderfully portrayed as a conceited but highly intelligent fellow that no one quite likes... The supporting cast playing Margo's flame Bill, the playwright Lloyd, and his wife, Karen are also great (and in fact, many of these were nominated for Academy Awards for their acting). Their relationships, egos, ambitions all come across as realistic (although Margo, as the famous actress does come across as very dramatic).

Despite the plot being almost entirely based on these 6 people and their relationships and ambitions, the film is excellent, and after a slightly slow start to establish location and characters, I was rivetted.

In sum, this was a fantastic film, and for a change from recent films, did not depress me, but the exploration of ambition is eye opening and indeed, this film was worthy of it's awards, in my opinion.
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I wanted to say I've really been enjoying these posts, for a start; it's really interesting, as someone with a devotion to old movies, to see how they're viewed by someone who's approaching them fresh.

I wonder if the change in emotional freight you're noticing might be a reaction to this event, in some way. Not that the movie has anything to do with the link, but the people making, watching, and voting on the movie did. I know during WWII a lot of films were very optimistic, as a sort of war contribution by the cultural workers. And of course those of the Academy who voted for the film would have been under the same sort of gloom cloud.

Anyway, thanks! It's always enjoyable to read these. :)


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